Cloud Costs and Usage monitoring

Fear no more, dev teams and R&D managers ! Use the cloud to its full potential without end-of-month spendings screwups !

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Simple dashboard and smart end-of-month cost forecasting

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Gather all your cloud accounts under a single dashboard and get a global view of all your spending. Get awareness of where your money is going to !

How much is spent on storage, compute, Map/reduce or CDN ? We put all these figures into charts, give you a historical perspective on your costs.

Dead simple "cost deviation" identification

Define a baseline of your cost and usage, we will show a chart of the deviation. Spot any inconsistency instantly !

And yes, we're talking about a 'smart and elastic' baseline which can reflect the elasticity of 'normal' usage over time. Never forget things running or stored for no reason again !

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Daily email

Fedup with the end-of-month surprise with your Cloud bill ? We send you a daily email of your cloud spending with an end-of-month forecast

Easily spot any abnormal cost variation using the daily spend chart.

Communicating cost and usage data within the entreprise

Illustration Teevity Easily push cloud cost data to the Dev of Finance teams. Enable continuous improvement. Reduce fear and complexity.

Declare cloud accounts and use the one-click sharing of the dashboard and daily email with your colleagues.

"Action to cloud-cost impact" traçability

One of the benefit of the Cloud is a much better ability to have a clear action-to-cost traçability. We give you ways to integrate the environment where you run your actions with our cost tracking engine so that you can make correlations.
The integration of DevOps environments with cost and usage tracking enables a whole new range of possibilities for continuous cost improvement for dev and devops teams.