Free services

"High-level cost monitoring" is free, forever

Our high-level "cost monitoring" is free. That means you get the Teevity dashboard with all your clouds spending in one place and our user's beloved daily email for free forever.

Complement that with Teevity Basic with its on-demand pricing and you get a powerful, pay-per-use, detailed cost analytics solution

Premium services

Teevity is built our own technology combined with super smart open-source technologies (such as Netflix Ice), offered as a Service for improved ease of use, support and adequacy to enterprise contexts. Here is our pricing model.

Extended trials available. Jump-in, create an account !

  • Basic No fixed fee Pay per use

    pay by the minute, through
    your AWS account

    Cost forecast computation

    Multi-cloud detailed cost and usage monitoring AWS/GCP/Azure
    Cost breakdown per tags accross providers

    Instant identification of
    costs deviations Thanks to the daily email with forecast and recent history
    Monitoring of custom defined groups of resources Applications, Components, Projects...
    All the power of NetflixOSS Ice as-a-Service in pay-per-use mode. Super cost effective with no risks (you can define a monthly maximum limit for how much you spend on Teevity Basic)

  • Pro  fixed tiered pricing 99€/month to 599€/month

    all the 'Basic' features +
    Multi-user / multi-dashboard solution Give precise realtime cost feedback to each team Each team gets full details about their spending Each user time can have multiple dashboards
    Advanced cost breakdown Tags cleaning and transformation Automated 'Cost Allocation Units' tag based classification Ability to tag untaggble resources or infer Tag when missing Ability to rewrite tag history to produce consistent reporting
    Buying strategies recommendations AWS RI recommendations GCP commited and sustained usage analysis
    Resource Usage Analytics reports Configurable optimization-scoring for deployments Detection of under optimized deployments Waste detection
    Large collection of predefined cost analytics reports for AWS/GCP and Azure

    Build reports for both management and tech teams Advanced Filtering and grouping features
    In sync with the latest AWS/GCP and Azure features

    API to access all our data Access all report data Integrate with Google Sheets, Excel, ... Access RI optimization report data

  • Enterprise  fixed monthly price 999€/month no additional x% per month

    all the 'Pro' features +
    Enforce cost visibility
    Ensure each user groups only has access to the spend perimeter that matters to them Differentiate visibility rules based on roles in the organization
    Custom chargeback rules
    Bill of assets charged Custom pricing (charge RI instances as OD + % support for instance)
    Advanced reserved capacity management
    Create affinity between reserved capacity and tags to ensure easy-to-understand reporting per Business Units/Project/...
    Handle large users base
    Mass user dashboard creation Automatic assignment of users as stakeholders of cost subsets

Enterprise Support

Enterprise support is sold separately and can be contracted with the Basic, Pro and Enterprise editions. It is priced at 399€/month for a single point of contact. We can craft custom deals for large deployments.

MSPs, Cloud resellers, System integrators

Our pricing for MSPs starts at 99€/month. Get in touch with us to discuss how to improve your margins and how to make your current service offering shine even more thanks to our White-label version of Teevity.