Netflix Ice and
Teevity Cloud costs analytics

Service vs Software

Teevity/Cloud costs analytics is a SaaS service which is fully hosted by us, in a multi-tenant setup. All the power and simplicity of a SaaS service.

Netflix Ice is an open-source software created by Netflix to manage their own spending.
We have created a private fork of Netflix Ice that we use:

OSS version of Ice

We also maintain a public fork of Netflix Ice to ensure that the community can still use it despite Netflix not accepting Pull Requests anymore. The fork is updated to make this public OSS version of Ice usable with most of the latest AWS Regions but is not feature equivalent to our private fork and more generally to what Teevity SaaS offers.

Multi-cloud with support for AWS, GCP and Microsoft Azure

NetflixOSS Ice is AWS only. Teevity SaaS and Incognito, on the other hand, have full support for the major Cloud providers and gives you a uniform set of features across these 3 providers. This is possible because our private fork has been made compatible with Google and Microsoft clouds.